VAT is not included in the prices shown on the website. VAT on products sold in Ireland is currently set at 23%.


UK and NI VAT.

Because of the differences in the UK and Irish VAT rates If you provide a valid UK VAT number for your company, VAT is 0% rated. You may be asked to provide your company VAT registration documents and/or proof of ID.



Prices shown do NOT include delivery or installation these services can be provided but cost varies depending on location. 



We only provide shipping to Ireland and the UK, if you want to organise shipping to Europe, Africa, Australia, South America, Canada the USA or anywhere else in the world we are happy to give you the weight and size of the packaging. 



We do not currently offer finance but should you wish to make your own finance arrangements we are able to provide written quotations and other details that you may require.



We are only interested in Redmount equipment so we have no use for 20 year old screw type lifts, tyre machines that live in cattle sheds or wheel balancers that only need a quick look to be "like new." Honestly, second hand equipment sells really well on DoneDeal and we keep our margins so low to offer you great prices that most of the time you would get a better deal selling privately on DoneDeal. If you have kept it clean and working, expect it to sell in a couple of days for a fair price. 



As above... Very occasionaly we have second hand equipment but as a rule we do not deal in second hand equipment.