Pull Back Ram

‎Price: € 75 (Exc Vat)

10T Pull Back Ram

Red in colour

50L Compressor - RM-COMP-

‎Price: € 160 (Exc Vat)

These direct drive 25 and 50 litre air compressors are the ideal choice for performing those small tasks whether by the amateur or the professional. They are equipped with an automatic stop and start pressure switch.

Oil Filler & Extractor -

‎Price: € 250 (Exc Vat)

This oil drainer/filler is fitted with a bidirectional hand pump and is suitable for all types of oil. It is used for both sucking and filling. There is no need to prime the pump before use.


‎Price: € 35 (Exc Vat)

A rolling, three step, step ladder. Suitable for a variety of uses. Once weight is applied the casters retract meaning the steps cannot move.

Creeper Seat

‎Price: € 35 (Exc Vat)

Cushioned Black vinyl cover Powder coated black frame Mounted on 4 x swivel casters Integrated parts tray & tool drawer Net Weight: 5.5kg

Pneumatic Grease Dispense

‎Price: € 180 (Exc Vat)

Pneumatic Grease Dispenser,with a 13kg capacity tank. The RM68213 includes the same features as the manual model , with the added benefit of pneumatic operation.

Coil Spring Compressor Ki

‎Price: € 165 (Exc Vat)

For use with 80mm to 195mm springs. The spring clamps come in three sizes to fit most cars and trucks. Max 850Kg Loading

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