RM-7330 – Full Rise Scissor Lift, Flush Mounted

The RM-7330 is a flush mounted scissor lift, retracting back into the floor when lowered. This has the advantage of maximizing your workshop floor area when not in use. Due to the lift's electro-hydraulic scissor design there is no impediment to the vehicle being serviced while in use. The RM-7330 also has extendable platforms. The safety mechanism employed is pneumatic, requiring an external air source.


Price: € 2300 (Exc Vat)
Lifting Capacity (Tons)3
Maximum Lifting Height (mm)1800
Minimum Height (mm)0
Power Supply (v)230/380
Motor Power (kW)2.2
Lifting time (Seconds)55
Width (mm)1940
Length (mm)1540-1740
Weight (kg)850