1.5 Tonne, Compact Jack

‎Price: € 95 (Exc Vat)

Compact hydraulic floor jack, of aluminium and steel construction with red anodised and brushed aluminuim finish, capable of lifting up to 1.5 tonnes. Features dual pump for quick lifting and universal joint for lowering mechanism. It's compact size makes it ideal for storage in a car boot or van for those jobs out on the road.

40 Tonne Low Profile Axle

‎Price: € 750 (Exc Vat)

Pneumatic powered jack. Its low profile and long reach handle makes in perfect for lifting trucks and buses by the axle.

30 Tonne Axle Jack

‎Price: € 600 (Exc Vat)

Telescopic pneumatic powered jack. Its long reach handle makes it suitable for lifting trucks by the axle. It has a capacity of 30 tonne on the first extension and 15 for the second extension.  


‎Price: € 170 (Exc Vat)

Super duty hydraulic floor jack. Steel construction with powder coated finish. Capable of lifting up to 3 tonne.



  • Low Entry - Only 95mm
  • Twin Pump - Fast Rising
  • Foot Pump - Easy of Use
  • Nut Holder
  • EVA Foam bar protector
  • Lift & Twist Safety Lowering Mecanism
  • Slow lowering


Video of our other jacks

3 Tonne Trolley Jack

‎Price: € 140 (Exc Vat)

Heavy duty hydraulic floor jack, of steel construction with powder coated finish, capable of lifting up to 3 tonne. Features Twin pump for fast rising and universal joint for lowering mechanism. 

20 Tonne Bottle Jack - RM

‎Price: € 45.00 (Exc Vat)

These 20 tonne bottle jack of steel construction with powder coated finish. Hand pump, Not air.

20 Ton - Maximum lifting height 480mm

2.2T Air Jack - JK-2.2TAB

‎Price: € 200 (Exc Vat)

Fast action jack which rises unladen to its fullheight in just a few seconds. Model features a pneumatic stroke limiter device to prevent over inflation. Simple up/down control. Suitable for tyre shops and roadside applications.

2.2T Air Jack - JK-2.2TAB

‎Price: € 240 (Exc Vat)

This air jack includes all of the features of the RM-TL2004-2,
with a three tube structure (increased height)

10 Ton Low Profile Bottle

‎Price: € 60 (Exc Vat)

Professional Low Profile Bottle Jack

The 2 stage ram design of the bottle jack allows it to have a low profile and still give a reasonable lifting height. 

Its construction features a welded base design and double seals.

The pump is paralel with the ground to allow a low profile construction and jacking while under the vehicle. The length and bend in the handle means your hand will be ~4" above the ground. 

Vehicle Positioning Jack

‎Price: € 75 (Exc Vat)

This superb jack is an ideal addition to your garage/workshop tool collection. Well built, sturdy and practical it will give you the flexibility to move and position cars and light vans quickly and easily in confined spaces. These jacks can be used as a pair or a set of 4


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