Bosch Rexroth Power Pack

As with all Rexroth (Bosch Group) products, the quality is ensured in the name. The motor used in the power-pack is either 2.2KW, or 3KW and doesn't require a starting capacitor. This is due to a soft start valve built into the pump. When the power-pack is activated, the oil from the reservoir is pumped through the pump and back into the reservoir until the flow reaches 6 litres per minute. At this stage the motor is at full speed, so the soft start valve closes, and the ram begins to lift. This operation all happens in a matter of milliseconds, ensuring the motor is under minimal load (and torque), resulting in a longer lifespan for both motor and pump.


Price: € . (Exc Vat)


Note: All our 2 post lifts are supplied with a choice of manual lock release or electrical lock release. Please note, - both versions are as safe as the other; the locks automatically engage as the lift rises. The choice is given in how you release, or disengage, the locks before you wish to bring the lift down. For manual lock release, a lever is pushed which allows the hydraulic oil return to the reservoir. For electrical lock release a button is pushed, which opens a solenoid, allowing oil flow back into the reservoir.