Heavy Duty Column Lift -22 Tonne

Wireless Heavy Duty Column Lift - 22 tonne The RM422 is a very capable wireless 4 unit column lift powered by heavy duty rechargeable batteries and a 24Volt DC motor mated to the hydraulic pump.

The large 7" touch screen LCD display shows the current lifting height, battery charge level, mode type, communication status and other details in easy to understand graphics and text. Operating the lift is done via large buttons that are easy to use while wearing gloves, the functions include Raise, Lock, Lowering and Slow Lowering. Each column has the operation controls as well as charging and communication cables.

For safety the lift is programmed to stop at 1700mm. It features an advanced synchronization system enabling the lift to rise and lower smoothly, even if the load is uneven for each column. The lift will stop if there is a difference of more than 50mm on any column. Each column has an electrically released mechanical lock, and an emergency stop isolator.

Because it works from batteries and wireless, there are no cables or trip hazards, it also means it is completely mobile. For convenience each column includes lifting points for forklifts and are also very easy to manoeuvre by hand with the in-built jack.  

The base set of 4 lifts can be expanded by adding further pairs of columns for each axle also adding a further 11 tonne of lifting capacity per pair. Grouping is easily achieved via the intuitive software.

All Redmount equipment is CE certified. It also carries an IP54 rating meaning the electronics are splash and dust proof.


Price: € 18500 (Exc Vat)
Lifting Capacity5.5T Per Column 22T Overall
Max Lifting Height1750mm
Motor Power2.2kw
Column Dimensions1330(L) x 1110(W) x 2370(H) mm
Fork Length380mm
Fork Width280 - 580mm
Weight510kg (Per Column)
Lifting Time80s
Battery Capacity20 Up and Down cycles
Battery Charger220V