Pneumatic Grease Dispenser

Pneumatic Grease Dispenser,with a 13kg capacity tank. The RM68213 includes the same features as the manual model , with the added benefit of pneumatic operation.


Price: € 180 (Exc Vat)
[b]Item No.[/b] [b]RM68213[/b]
Tank Capacity (kg) 13
Air Inlet Pressure (bar/psi) 6-8/85-115
Output Pressure (bar/psi) 360-480/5142-6857
Pipe Diameter (Inch) 1/4
Pipe Length (m) 2.5
Pump Ratio 60:1
Delivery Speed (lb/min) 0.88-1.76
Dimensions (mm) 340 x 330 x 920
Net Weight (kg) 12