Scissor Lifts


RM-7730 Tyre Shop

‎Price: € 1950 (Exc Vat)

This medium rise scissor lift uses your exisiting compressed air supply. It is ideally suited for tyre fitting depots. The control unit is floor level and contains a 2 way pedal for raising and lowering the lift along with and air pressure guage and an auxilary air feed. The safety release is operated automatically when lowering the lift. 

Includes telescopic arms for this lift which were a €250 add-on/option. The lift is supplied with 2 sets of rubber blocks.  

RM-30 Medium Rise

‎Price: € 2150 (Exc Vat)

This medium rise scissor lift employs an electro hydraulic 220V power unit. It is ideally suited for tyre fitting depots and crash repair shops. The power unit is floor standing with button up / button down control. It is fitted with an audible warning when nearing the down position. Safety release is operated pneumatically. An external air supply is required to release the safety locks on this machine. This lift is mobile and can be easily moved around the workshop.


RM-7230 Surface Mounted

‎Price: € 3400 (Exc Vat)

The RM-7230 scissor lift is designed to maximise your workshop area, making it easier to work around the vehicle being serviced. The electro-hydraulic (four cylinder structure), provides a strong, robust lift, capable of lifting 3T with ease. The lift has a small frame, measuring only 115mm in height when retracted. Front and rear drive on ramps are installed for convenience of vehicle entry. Also equipped with second down button with buzzer activation to warn users to stand clear.

RM-7335 3500Kg Flush

‎Price: € 3200 (Exc Vat)

The RM-7335 is a flush mounted scissor lift, retracting back into the floor when lowered. This has the advantage of maximizing your workshop floor area when not in use. Due to the lift's electro-hydraulic scissor design there is no impediment to the vehicle being serviced while in use. The RM-7335 also has extendable platforms. The safety mechanism employed is pneumatic, requiring an external air source.

p>View a 3D model of the pit in the window below. Once loaded you can click, drag and scroll with your mouse or use the little arrow on the right side of the window to find more tools to move around the model

Redmount offer 3 different types of scissor lift, one medium and two full rise. The RM-30 is a medium rise scissor lift suited to body repair, and portable in design. The RM-30 is also ideal in a tyre garage or for mechanical repair. We offer two full rise scissor lifts, one which is flush with the ground when lowered, the other a surface mounted, slim-line lift. Please select individual item for further information and technical specifications, along with price.

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