Stands and Supports


6T Axle Stands (Pair) -

‎Price: € 50 (Exc Vat)

These ratchet type axle stands have a 6 tonne capacity and are manufactured from steel. Angled teeth prevent accidental release of the load - the more weight applied, the tighter the post is locked. 

7 Tonne High Axle Stand -

‎Price: € 400 (Exc Vat)

Profesional 7 Tonne stand

Spring loaded roller casters

Spring loaded shaft for ease of adjustment

3 Support heads

Powder coat finish

Adjustable Support Stand

‎Price: € 100 (Exc Vat)

This high position stand comes in useful when working on engines and gearboxes. The foot pedal allows you to make the small adjustments needed to line up bolt holes while keeping your hands free.

Engine Leveler

‎Price: € 40 (Exc Vat)

This Engine leveler comes with chains to connect to the engine. The center hook point can adjust the engine to the angle required by the turn handle, the maximum capacity of the leveler is 500kg

Engine Support 0.5 Ton

‎Price: € 70 (Exc Vat)

Engine Support with 2 theaded hooks. Half ton capacity. Comes with 2 chains.

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