Trolley Jacks


1.5 Tonne, Compact Jack

‎Price: € 95 (Exc Vat)

Compact hydraulic floor jack, of aluminium and steel construction with red anodised and brushed aluminuim finish, capable of lifting up to 1.5 tonnes. Features dual pump for quick lifting and universal joint for lowering mechanism. It's compact size makes it ideal for storage in a car boot or van for those jobs out on the road.

2T or 3T High or low Jack

‎Price: € 150 (Exc Vat)

In its low profile position this jack will lift 2 tonne but when raised to its higher position the jack is able to lift 3 tonne, making this the perfect jack for low vehicles and larger SUVs.

Made from steel and finished in a powdercoat. Features steel wheels and heavy duty casters at the rear

3 Tonne Trolley Jack

‎Price: € 140 (Exc Vat)

Heavy duty hydraulic floor jack, of steel construction with powder coated finish, capable of lifting up to 3 tonne. Features Twin pump for fast rising and universal joint for lowering mechanism. 

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