Truck Tyre Changers


Truck Tyre Changer - RM-3

‎Price: € 4750 (Exc Vat)

This electro/hydraulic tyre changer is designed for fitting and removing truck, bus and heavy duty tyres safely and effortlessly. We’ve explored all aspects of truck wheel service to give you the fastest floor-to-floor service time making your job easier and a lot more profitable. Our changers are built with forged and hardened components designed to resist scoring, grooving and wear.

It can handle tubless or tube type tyres with diameters from 14 inches to 26 inches. The hydraulic spindle can grip any type of wheel in any position firmly without slippage.


Industrial Tyre Changer -

‎Price: € 5950 (Exc Vat)

This industrial tyre changer is equipped with a two speed gear box motor and is ideally suited for the removal of large tyres from truck, tractor and industrial plant wheels from 14” to 56” in just minutes.A portable remote control operator allows multiple functions for operating and time saving convenience.

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