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24" Tilt Back + Assist

‎Price: € 1950 (Exc Vat)

This tyre changer is the RM 23GCT, equipped with the DAAR assist arm. Similar to the RM 23GCT, this tyre changer has an air operated tilt back column, and bead seater function for stiff beads. Plastic jaw protectors and rubber bead breaker protection are supplied as standard. Also included is a tool store and pressure gauge, mounted on the left side of the tyre changer. Table top inflation system, bead blaster air inflation control system (pedal operated), hose with heavy duty flow-through-chuck are standard features on this machine. A tyre lever is also included. The DAAR assist arm is included with this machine, although the RM 23GCT can be purchased seperately and the DAAR assist arm purchsed later, as all our tyre machines are assist ready. The assist is used for hard to seat beads, run flat and low profile tyres.

Redmount rim clamp tyre changers are designed to change the tyres on both alloy wheels and steel wheels without damaging the rim or the tyre. The powerful bead breaker located on the side of the tyre changer is designed to break even the most stubborn and rusted beads without damage to the rim. The turntable jaws (which can be covered with the standard protective plastic inserts) hold the rim securely without damaging the surface of the rim. All Redmount tyre changers include as standard: Plastic inserts (2pc), jaw protectors (4pc), rubber bead breaker protection, crowbar, air inflation gun, filter, regulator, soap reservoir.
The Redmount range of tyre changers has been designed to cater for the requirements of any small to large tyre service business. A combination of reliability, great performance and an adaptability to work on all types of wheels and tyres, makes Redmount tyre changers a popular choice of professional tyre service equipment. All models include an air inflator / gauge and a tyre lever. All our tyre machines are Assist Ready, making it easy to add an assist arm at future date, should you wish.
RM 211CIP DAAL = Swing arm design with large table, pole mounted
pressure gauge and a left side assist arm.

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